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An e-commerce platform is not the activity of selling products on online pathways rather there should be products/services which are worth it! We have a dedicated & experienced team of expert consultants, developers, and project managers to ensure that our customers will receive collaborative strategy partners with a smooth & smart process. The eCommerce development service is the sole representative of the entire business to the customers; hence any shortcomings and destructive attitudes can affect your business. Another aspect to develop in the case of E-Commerce development is ensuring proper marketing and customer communication. The development of E-commerce websites by OMRA Solutions can become the best option for your business, which provides the immense scope of its growth, online!

E-commerce Website Development Company

OMRA Solutions brings unique features in e-Commerce website development services in India from start-ups to established businesses. With our flexible e-Commerce packages, you pay only for the features which you want to acquire. We have been delivering e-commerce website design and development services and currently, we have integrated with several successfully in B2B and B2B Fitments.

Our expert teams comprise skilled and experienced developers and website designers who specialize in website design, system integrations, marketing, development, and support system. We have collaborated with many businesses and offered customized e-commerce website development services that provide commendable online shopping cart solutions.

What features you can add to the application of your e-commerce development?

  1. Customer Management.

An e-commerce website development company OMRA Solutions offers the most flexible and scalable customer management system. We have brought an exceptional management system to fulfill all your expectations.

  • Completely customizable advanced management system with minimal obstacles.
  • Wish lists, Order tracking features, Order View / print options for customers.

Retry payment option for failed orders

  1. Web Security

OMRA Solutions is one of the best eCommerce development companies in India whose security is considered in each aspect such as UI, add-ons, and much development functionality.

  • We analyze and audit security design, identify the gap and fix them to assured protection from malware and other threats.
  • Right from the development stage, we focus on security enhancing practices.
  1. Email/SMS Notifications

With deep knowledge and experience in the industry, our developers are introduced to every pointer of e-commerce website development. Thus to minimize your fake users and order’s headache, we provide you a practical solution that is email and SMS notifications, which allows Customer registration through email verification.

  • After confirmation of order send Order status update notification through Email, SMS to Customers.
  • Configure the order notifications email and SMS templates the way you want.
  1. Marketing Tools

Marketing Mechanism rules the whole business world by engaging customers consistently. With the current trend, marketing has reached new heights. With our eCommerce website design and development service you will have opportunities in all angles to improve user enrolments, up-sell, and earn customers’ trust.

  • Create Unlimited Discount coupons or Specific coupons for particular Products/Categories or an entire store
  • Integration of Mail-chimp for Email Marketing.
  1. Technical Support

We have overcome various industry and/or technological challenges through rigorous internal activities, research, and solutions. We offer advanced eCommerce web services through innovative solutions, best business practices, and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Any technical or non-technical queries can be clarified with our dedicated support team at your convenience, the support system is available anytime.
  • Queries related to customization will swiftly be diverted to the concerned technical experts.

6. You can ask for customizable services, we will provide you services as per your requirements.


We hold the potential to set up successful B2B or B2C e-commerce marketplaces that are customized as per the needs of the brand. Hire e-commerce developers to build fully-featured e-Commerce websites suiting your taste. Get fully responsive websites showcasing multiple-product images, ease category management, and are 100% customizable. We render a perfect solution to attract various vendors and unite their offerings. Our proficient teams implement e-commerce aggregators to allow our clients to present and handle distinct brands easily.


Ecommerce is growing by 23% year over time and still, most businesses are not online platforms. Not only are these businesses losing to their competition but also losing their customers. Moreover, e-commerce businesses have not fully explored the immense potential yet of e-commerce website solutions that can give them a winning edge.


Our development e-commerce services ensure the use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies and continued maintenance and support for assured service excellence.

· Online stores need periodic maintenance and continual updates to deliver superior performance. Our development e-commerce comprises a range of cutting-edge services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

· Get superior order management and carting solutions that assure UI and customer satisfaction. Our development e-commerce services offer robust and reliable shopping cart solutions with error-free order management.

· Our development e-commerce solutions are equipped with strong security protocols and encryptions to ensure complete security during account creation, transaction and browsing.

· E-commerce development solutions increase accessibility. It not only allows the companies to easily reach their regular audience but also beyond that, thanks to Search Engine Visibility. Companies can also overcome geographical limitations and search for customers nearly everywhere. There are also no time constraints; the products and services are available 24*7.