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The use of a right time attendance software / attendance management system is a great option for our company to provide a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made wrong attendance calculations. Save efforts, save time and thus Save money with a Technology based Time Attendance Software. OMRA Solutions have HRMS which works as Payroll software, attendance software, time management software, and Leave management. HRMS is web based software, which works on Payroll module that eases laborious tasks of every month for payroll activities. Our payroll software is designed to suit every small, mid sized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits. Everything about the Payroll system at your access to an easy-breezy dashboard that is all equipped to take your command as you manage all the payroll operations with greater ease. With OMRA Solution's HRMS, you have access to the most advanced features that are rolled-out regularly to meet the latest compliances and most evolved ideas of handling payroll function at a workplace. OMRA Solutions aims at Time management through this software.


Time attendance is a basic HR process affecting everyone and critical as a basic input to the payroll process. HR faces problems of integrating attendance inputs from different attendance logging systems e.g. Cards, biometric scanners and manual attendance register across all business locations. Each month a lot of HR time is spent collecting and reconciling attendance data before payroll can be correctly processed. Attendance software gives you the ability to collect data from multiple sources and track your employees time and attendance automatically as per the company rules and policies. Attendance software communicates with attendance devices to fetch employee punches from the device and calculate daily attendance based on a daily basis or work hour basis. It also calculates total work time, overtime, late in, early out for each employee in accordance with the rules that apply to an employee or a group of employees.

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Reconciling employee attendance is a very crucial task for each HR manager and involves a lot of expensive time. Defining leave rules is not just where it ends, but managing leaves and updating employee leaves on a regular basis to keep the payroll accurate is a very tedious and time consuming task. Our team has put in a very considerable effort to create, manage and track employee leave by creating a new module for OMRA Solutions. This Leave management module simplifies the complex task of monthly reconciliation of leaves of each employee and allows the managers and HR admin to handle employee leave efficiently and systematically maintaining the flexibility.

A Significant amount of expensive employee, manager and HR time is wasted in a very basic HR process. To handle this we have seamlessly integrated the leave management with an employee selfservice portal that allows employees to apply for leaves / submit a leave request which goes to the immediate reporting head. Employees can also view their leave balances and track their leaves for each month using the employee self service portal. This tool, leave management with employee self service portal considerably reduces the load on HR and simplifies the cumbersome task of managing the employee attendance and leave for a month to month basis. Define leave types or create new leave types based on our company's timeoff policy. We color code each leave type, enable IP restrictions and customize based, on location, roles, employees, gender, marital status, etc., you can also configure the list of holidays based on location and other influencing factors. This eliminates confusion and potential conflicts. The Human Resource Management System HRMS is a set of tools designed to automate and manage recruiting and staffing operations at OMRA Solutions. By posting your jobs to keep applicants connected and engaged throughout, OMRA Solutions recruitment management lets you manage your entire recruiting process along with employee on boarding.

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An HRMS - Human Resource Management System of OMRA Solutions is a type of HR software that enables the management of several HR functions through the use of information technology. Our HRMS aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks. This, in turn, also frees up the HR team's time. The additional bandwidth can then be used to address more strategic, business critical tasks in the human resource management function. HRMS of OMRA Solutions is a platform in every organization which is designed to increase employee performance by aligning the employer's to plan strategic objectives.

The software is primarily focused on how people are managed within the organizations, human resource management is driven by systems and various policies. Our HRMS involves the following sub functions and the HRMS helps automate and streamline them

  • Tracking time & attendance

Our HRMS aims to record in and out of each and every employee, which makes the process hassle free, this keeps the record of working hours, reporting time, time of exit, etc. So, our product will create no stress in between the team. Apart from this our software aims at Payroll processes, attendance records,

  • Salary Changes and Increment Calculations

HR Departments are involved in fixing or revising the salary of employees in consultation with the Business leaders. A typical salary revision is accompanied by a Salary Revision letter. This information is also passed on to the Payroll team who will include it in the next payroll. Also, employees can view the changes in the company's HRMS software without any challenges.

  • Training and Development

New joiners are trained on the product and processes of the Organizations. Employees are also trained in various soft skills such as team building, leadership skills etc. and behavioral skills such as time management, etiquette etc. The training modules are designed and delivered based on the gap in the skills required and the set of skills which employees possess.


The function of the human resources department involves tracking, employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. Replacing certain processes with various levels of HRMS systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to HR. By allowing employees to update personal information and perform other tasks, information is kept more accurate and HR professionals are not bogged down. Each module performs a separate function within the HRMS that helps with information gathering or tracking. For example, hiring would be carried out through the recruitment and on boarding module, employee performance is carried out through the performance evaluation and management module, and so on.