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One of the most important parts of LinkedIn is your profile. That’s what you use to connect with people in your network, and it’s how recruiters find you when they are sourcing candidates because your profile includes details on your job qualifications, employment history, education, skills, and experience. To get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s important to make your LinkedIn profile as comprehensive and compelling as possible. One professional landing page for you to manage your own, personal brand. It’s a great option to tell people who you are and what you do by displaying a general history of your professional experiences and achievements, where you can present your goals also. A complete LinkedIn profile can help you to grab more opportunities. LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform where you can connect directly connect with the CEO of an organization! LinkedIn is a platform that has 460 million active users. 


Our LinkedIn Profile building Service is to help in showcase your skills, experience, and achievements, brand/position you for your ideal role, and uncover more opportunities. We have an experienced team to create content for your LinkedIn profile! Our team is a creative team that can confidently work on your profile. 

Seize every opportunity to see new leads on LinkedIn. The success of your business depends on your leads and your ability to use them for your brand. Leads can come from a variety of sources with unique requirements and your primary focus should be on creating a good relationship with them. Pop-ups are usually the highlight of a lead capture page, and the easiest tools to keep your readers hooked to the page they’re on. Leads on LinkedIn can basically tell you about the initiation of customers’ interest or inquiry about your products/services. Lead generation can be the marketing process of stimulating and catching interest in any product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. 


A LinkedIn profile needs the following pointers:-

  • Brand/position showcase of yourself in the market.
  • Create a network with people in your industry.
  • An attractive LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being quickly chosen by the recruiters.
  • We uncover different job opportunities, contract or freelancing work, and word referrals.
  • Get career information, company information, and the latest industry news.
  • We, at OMRA Solutions, create a profile that connects you with recruiters, hiring managers, and HR Managers.
  • An attractive profile Increases your visibility on the internet.
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas with people in your industry.
  • LinkedIn profile Access a database of advertised jobs.
  • It lets you Stay in touch with contacts and potential employers.


How many connections you should have?

– LinkedIn Criteria says that one needs to have 300-500 connections to have an effective & attractive network. The rules say that connections should be of people you know; you have worked with, you went to college with, or who are your friends.

When you created your profile?

– A LinkedIn profile instruction says you should receive 21 times or more views with a photo. The picture needs to be recent, not more than two years old.

What quality of your photos and videos are?

– You should use a high-quality, high-resolution headshot with a plain background, where you look smiling and engaging.

Is your picture having a custom background?

– This can become most impressive allowing you to stand out if you use a background photo to make your LinkedIn page customizable.

The reason to make your job title as a headline of your profile!

– This can happen by default. A headline is the most searching part of LinkedIn and therefore you must be careful in selecting the appropriate keywords including any job titles, any special title like MBA, you can also add your industry, even a tagline about your top ability or your product or service which you offers. 

Does your work experience list accomplishments?

– Your work descriptions in your profile should include three or four job accomplishments that feature the biggest results you achieved in that particular position.

Have you updated your Skills section to include current skills?

– The section of skills needs to be current and should reflect those skills you have acquired in the last years and not focus on early career skills which you no longer use.

You should feature your resume in your LinkedIn profile!

– Your goal is to get employers to talk to you. Remove your resume if it is part of your profile. It can be not safer and not recommended.

If you still don’t have a profile or just have one but for namesake only, our LinkedIn profile building services are the right option! Starting right from creating your account to adding an attractive profile photo, background image, skill sets, SEO optimized professional summary, and all other needful elements, our LinkedIn profile maker India does everything from scratch. You just have to provide your latest professional photo, resume and fill a single questionnaire that we will send. Our LinkedIn profile creation service is strategically crafted to make the profile available to recruiters all the while projecting your unique traits that the prospects will be looking for.

OMRA Solutions can confidently help job seekers with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Their services tend to be fast, professional, and detailed.