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Merchants on-boarding



Isn’t it surprising to know how business administrators manage their business so easily? It varies from business to business, but during these crucial times around here, what do you need to grow your business? In today’s world, a person focuses more on the internet & availability of product/services. This can build your online presence and focus on more valuable additions for business as compared to physical.




  1. Digital catalogue is a virtual presence whereas small and medium sized businesses (SME) can show their products and promote their products digitally.
  2. A digital platform which allows users to do regular updates quickly which ensures the accuracy of product data, when it will be presented on a broad base.
  3. Once you are connected buyers can consult latest data from suppliers and can search any product information i.e., Product information, product images, product specification, etc from them.
  4. The digital catalogue is a complete plinth to expand your business which will enable you to get more exposure for your business at global level.
  5. Grow opportunities for your business by the ‘Digital product catalogue’.
  6. You can manage your work easily, as we at OMRA solutions serve Premium services to our clients for managing their amenities! 
  7. We do our work with all our dedication and enthusiasm for your business! 
  8. We, OMRA solutions will always be on our commitments for processes that you have given us by putting your trust! 





Have you seen a huge increase in revenue generation due to web-based Trading.  With e-commerce getting popular over the years, it makes sense to leverage not just desktop users but also, tablet and Smartphone users to browse through your product digital catalogue and explore your services. You can present your products and services on the internet because now it’s Digital time! So, you can make digital catalogues of your products and services… 


OMRA Solutions are here, for on-boarding your products or services. Merchant on-boarding is one of our services with Digital marketing, Website Development, etc. We, OMRA, select the right merchants, with the right products or services. We should discuss what a merchant is? So, a merchant is a company or an individual who sells a service or products. On the other hand, an ecommerce merchant is someone who sells their services or products exclusively over the Internet.

 The process of adding any new merchant’s services or products over the internet and payment gateway system so that merchants can access their complete process digitally also is known as merchant on boarding.




  • We have quality experience to handle process and in-house IT Development to complete your needs.
  • We, OMRA Solutions, are leading organizations to create a digital catalogue of merchants, SME to promote their products as digital catalogues. We are developing a website & on-boarding the complete product/services of merchants to make the possibility of more opportunities for their online business. The Digital catalogue, a unique concept & value addition for any brand, merchant, SME for connectivity of buyers & sellers.  
  • We are creating many unique strategies and delivering significant solutions to multiple industries and business for different clients so, let’s connect and give us a chance to assist you. We will be grateful for your trust! 
  • We, OMRA Solutions are on-boarding 10,000+ products on dailybasis for renowned B2B platforms .We are working with SME and creating digital catalogues to display their products and promote them online.
  • We are working with SME on PAN India level and covering more than 4000 categories and 50000 micro categories.



  • Own developed software as a service (SAAS) based product for enterprises segment.
    -Developed platform on advanced technology.

-Voice call & Sales process- PAN India on-boarding-Sold successfully 150+ licenses. 

  • Service Delivery platform – for telecom industry.
    -Developed platform to manage mobile content delivery and billing
    -Sales & marketing experience to handle telecom VAS business operations.
  • PAN India Merchant on-boarding process for 
    – Manage the business operation for merchant -on-boarding process.
    – Voice call process- Digital catalogue sales and fulfilment 
  • Lead Generation for various industries.
    – Voice call process to generate leads for travel, hospitals & education sectors.
    -Digital marketing for lead generation to identify potential client base.



What do we do to create your business catalogue? 


  1. Our catalogue creating services are designed to attract customers regardless of the product or service category being sold. As a part of catalogue creation, we add product/service descriptions; optimize product images in best possible resolutions, and index and update products effectively to increase consumer search ability. 
  2. While dealing with catalogues, it is very important to ensure systematic indexing & intelligent category selection of each product. 
  3. Our prime objective, while creating catalogues, is to help customers find products and services easily. 
  4. Catalogue management professionals at OMRA Solutions understand what an online buyer is looking for; their experience in providing catalogue building & indexing services helps them to understand industry trends and make the best use of the categories and sub-categories.



“OMRA solution is a digital marketing and development Company with an experienced in-house team that can help you for your brand visibility and lead generation as well. Dedication is our major key factor to make our international and domestic clients. We are Passionate for digital marketing and Merchant on-boarding services which believes in transparency with result-oriented output. We are working globally and offering Premium services to our clients.