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Sales Processes

Any sales process at an organization is a set of repeated steps that a sales person choose to take a prospective buyer from the very early stage of awareness to a closed sale.

We, OMRA Solutions are helping to renowned brands to play a key role for revenue generation and strategic planning in their sales process. We are helping them to receive higher revenue in their business. We have quality experience to understand requirement of clients & pitching their products and services in a well defined manner with detailed knowledge of products/services and they will surely achieve benefit for the same.

We, OMRA Solutions, are process-oriented organization. We are certified by ISO 9001:2015.

We have a complete setup and experienced team to understand and execute any backend sales process.


We have great experience of voice & on-field sales process. We, OMRA Solutions is a leading organization in space of IT and having on team to handle every sales operation with the help of automation. One can easily understand our experience by knowing the point that, we are handling Backend sales process for Trade India, Stars Tell and other renowned brands.


  • First we understand the customer.

The process begins with the buyer. First we understand about the exact need of owner who is sales putting their trust in us. Then, we try to build a sales process to help sales people to find the answer of key question. Once we completely understand your needs then we will work in a planned manner with our experienced team.

  • We will set milestones.

Once we’ve defined the stages of your sales process, we will establish the key steps and milestones within those stages. A milestone could be identifying where you (buyer) is in the sales process with stake holders within a time period. We will try to score each milestone to determine how many resources are there to invest into the part of the sales process.

  • You will align the technology and systems with the sales process.

It’s very important to have a good CRM Software with technology which enables our team members to perform each step of the sales process in an efficient manner. Wherever, software tools won’t make team members more effective or encourage them to follow best practices. Only our team members need to combine the technology with supportive systems, guidance and resources.

You will provide technology that streamlines the sales process, collects and organizes information on the customers & will list the required activities for team members to follow it. You will create systems and resources to support our experienced sales team’s use of the technology during the sales process, such as these:

  • There are checklists to make sure all steps are performed in order.
  • Content and video to demonstrate the importance of the stages and milestones.
  • Buyer-focused content tied to where they are in the sales process.
  • There are reminders to prevent salespeople from skipping steps.
  • Training content for each step in the sales process.

# without sales process, company’s sales team is unlikely to reach its true potential.

The sales process – is a method of every company which follows to sell their products or services to the customers. It involves series of steps, by initial contact with a lead to final sales.

The sales process is very similar to developing a new relationship with someone. When you first meet, you should know each other, learn what they like, and determine their goals. Along the way, you decide if it works together & you are a match. If this is the case, the relationship can proceed & can grow.