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Your website is the base of your business’s online presence and results to create and maintain the website. People visit it to learn about your company, find your contact information, and purchase your products/services. You can’t just upload content on your website and forget it. If you are visiting a website that is not regular with content uploading & regular posts will you continue to visit it? So, why will you do the same thing with your website! If your website isn’t working properly or is out of date, you may lose out on significant opportunities, such as new leads and sales. Regular website such as create and maintain website maintenance is important to make your site successful. We are helping businesses with their automation process and running them successfully. We offer professional website maintenance services for you! We operate day-to-day updates for regularly creating and maintaining the website.

Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

OMRA Solutions proudly offers fast, proactive, and knowledgeable best website creation services to your business websites. Updating and maintaining your real-time website will help to boost your potential visitors and estimated traffic. The proper website maintenance services encourage your business by bringing unique and new visitors to visit your website regularly. Website maintenance is the process of adding fresh content; best website creation services, events, etc. Updating up-to-date changes in each web page will bring potential leads to your business.


  • We ensure for creating and maintain a website that all features and functionality work effectively – including navigation, tools, and search.
  • We will check that links work and remain relevant.
  • We ensure that all content is up to date.
  • We do add new content regularly, in particular, blogs and news items.
  • We allocate adequate resources for building and maintaining the site – including time, hardware, software, and staff.
  • We at OMRA Solutions make a good impression with your homepage – keep it clear, with direct links to the most popular pages, which may change over time.

Do you know why website maintenance should be a priority? 

Here are some quick suggestions which OMRA Solutions suggest:

  1. Log into your website dashboard and check for updates to your theme and any plug-in on your site. Install them right there and then create a schedule to remind you to log in at least once a month to take care of updates.
  2. Do a quick audit of your website at regular intervals. 

Check for:

o Broken internal & external links.

o Outdated or stale content.

o Slow loading times.

o Spelling and grammatical errors.

  1. Fix any of the errors you identified in your audit. There are internal links you can fix by yourself. If an external link isn’t working, you should either remove it or find a new link to replace it. If spelling and grammar aren’t your strong suit, hire a specialist in that such as a proofreader or editor to review your content for you.
  2. Update your content. Your basic content (like your homepage and About Us page or contact page) don’t need to be updated regularly, but it to update to get Google to crawl and re-index your page.
  3. Find a way to post fresh content at least once a month. Whether you add a blog to your site, write a press release, or add a new page that you can easily update, do something to ensure that you’re posting new content regularly.
  4. Always backup your website to ensure you can recover your data if something happens. Specifically, you should back up:

o Your website’s code, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP code, themes, plug-ins, and other files. Plan a backup anytime you change or update your site, as well as any time your CMS releases an update.

o Your content, including audio files, images, text, and videos. Backup at least once a quarter – but, if you have a blog, you may want to create a new backup every time you post something new.

  1. Create a comprehensive web maintenance schedule to remind yourself of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

It might seem like a lot to do, but once you’ve done your initial maintenance, it should only take you a short amount of time to stay on top of things.

We already covered the security aspect of maintaining your website. That’s the most important, but not the only reason why you want to take care of your website. Think of your website as a storefront. For many people, that’s the first impression they’ll get of your business. That impression doesn’t happen in seconds. You need to give the right impression as soon as someone clicks on your site. The design needs to be fresh; the site needs to be fast, and you need to update your content. Even broken links could give the wrong impression. Your customers are looking for up-to-date information. They don’t care about a weekly special from two years ago. They want the current offerings. Keeping your website is also important for search engines. Search engines index your site according to the code in your site’s HTTP header. Search engines will ignore your site if you haven’t modified it in a while. They will ignore your site and prioritize other sites, like your competitors.

Website maintenance might not be glamorous, but it can spell the difference between building a meaningful website presence and having your website fall off. Dedicating just a little time to it each month will ensure that users of your site have a great experience – and that your data is safe.

So, give us a chance to serve you. Let’s connect and grow your business to a new level! 


Question: Why does my website need regular site maintenance?

Answer: Regularly updating your website with fresh content (texts, images, PDF’s and video’s etc.) will provide them with a good visitor experience, grow your business.

Question: What is covered with your website maintenance services?

Answer: Our website maintenance services cover areas such as updating appearance & content, new functionality requests. E-commerce integrations, form creation, additional web pages etc.