Features that accelerate the growth of Laundry Business

E -Laundry Solution -Easy to access Technology woth complete Trackablity

icon  Store Managment
icon Reporting & Order Tracking Managment
icon  Invoice and Tag Generation
icon Rider Mobile Applications-POS

icon  Plant / Warehouse Managment
icon Customer Mobile Application
icon  Whatsapp and Email Notification
icon  Complete Reporting Mangement

Manage Single / Multiple Stores and Franchise Model

A perfect Solution for Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry to manage Single Store or any Size of Franchise Model. The Complete accessibility in a Single click from anywhere anytime to get proper Business Reporting. The Complete Order tracking and connectivity of all Laundry and Dry Clean Models like Brand Owner or Admin Access, Super Admin for Franchise, Store Billing, Connected Customer Mobile App and Web Platform, Rider Mobile App for Order Pickup and Delivery, Factory and Factory/Warehouse Management.

icon  Customer Notification
icon  Integrated Customer Wallet for Advance Payments

Single Store

A tradition of quality cleaning, fast order with fast delivery, automate your billings with tagging on garments, separately ! Stay ahead from the problems with our complete business management solutions. Best laundry POS for your business.

E-Laundry increases 35% revenue in your Laundry business !

Experience the new level of laundry Focus in business growth !

Are you getting stuck in store management? Are you getting stuck in managing business?

These things can takes your focus away from growing your business. So, let's take your business on autopilot with complete solutions & customer management.



Acquire and retain 57% more customers

Provided better customer experience through digital payments and communicating with your customers via SMS Or E-mail notification. We will make them feel special by recording their preferences even when you're not around.

Multi Store

Manage all your stores, plants, staff and services under one roof ! Take advantage of multistore features to accelerate your business, increase your productivity and elevate your profits.

Take privilege of our multistore benefits !

Connected plant with multi store or franchise

If you run a central cleaning facility, we provide a plant mode feature in the software, where staff at the plant can manage order from multi stores.

You will have the option to link database between multi stores which can Allow you to quickly update prices across stores and make sure your stores have details of every customer.


Overview your business statics for all your stores in one place.

If you run multiple stores, we are providing you with an overview page where all key statistics are available and you can view it !

New Store

Manage all your stores, plants, staff and services under one roof ! Take advantage of multi-store features to accelerate your business, increase your productivity and elevate your profits.

Let start your laundry business in a smart way, not in an Ordinary way !

Accelerate your business growth with E-Laundry that is integrated with technology

Send promotional notifications, offers professional services to achieve customer's trust and enjoy more referrals, make evidence based business decisions which are integrated with latest echnology and customer can experience latest digital services.



Implement the Industry's best practices in the process to make your business smoother

E-laundry helps you to streamline your business and implement industry standard proven techniques to maximize revenue and minimize stress for you. All you have to do is, Try E-Laundry and take your business to higher level.