Our partner ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem

A platform to manage all aspects of your digital and traditional partnerships. We partner with over 34+ projects so that we can dynamically bring you best-of-breed technology, to not only help you deliver today's business outcomes, but also be ready for tomorrow. In today's digital world, collaboration is the key to achieving long term success. We partner with our clients and an ecosystem of partners to create a better future for all using advanced technology. We enable our customers to harness the power of the Enterprise Technology Stack at scale and transform their businesses through joint business objectives, investments, innovation, and co development with our partners. Whether it is to develop new products or to amplify existing services, our partnerships drive innovation and collaboration with OMRA Solutions.

We work with some of the most renowned industry leaders. We support the leading cloud service providers with our Cloud Connect product, we bring networks together with remote peering for our internet exchange partners, and we tap into new companies through our data center and carrier partnerships. Thanks to these collaborations we can deliver our state of the art solutions to put your business ahead of the curve.

Marketing partners

These are brands or individuals who help you to promote your product and expand your reach through partner marketing, whether directly or indirectly. Alongside traditional marketing partners like affiliates, they might include: Vendor management consultants. A vendor management consultant helps businesses to decide on their technology strategy, select their technology vendors and implement those technologies. We are associated with many organizations:

JUSTDIAL - They can be invaluable advocates for B2B technology companies. Comparison or listing site. These industry specific partners list, sometimes review, and technologies. They often have a great deal of influence over your end customer. OMRA Solutions are working with Just dial to create a digital catalog of their merchants, and SMEs to promote their products as digital catalogs. We are developing products/services for merchants to make the possibility of more opportunities for their online business. We are having rich experience with Interactive content, digital cataloging, and communication tools.


DU TELECOM - OMRA Solutions made alliances with Du Telecom. Du Telecom is an Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. We are working with them as a partner for Voice Blend Process. Our expert team handles the inbound & outbound calls to serve around 9 million individual customers due to its mobile, Wifi, Broadband, and post-paid mobile revenue to counter Revenue.


STARSTELL - OMRA Solution built a partnership with Stars tell Online Prediction by the best astrologer 24*7 for Voice Blend Process. Our team is handling their customers to enrich people's lives with appropriate guidance to ensure the best Astrological Counseling. We are their leading partners to make the best support & handle inbound & outbound calls to generate their revenue.


JEENA SEEKHO - OMRA Solutions have collaborated with Jeena Seekho as their Voice Blend process Partner. We are handling inbound & outbound calls for them. Jeena Seekho is the name that suggests a trademark of purity. The minds behind Jeena Seekho have endeavored to create ayurvedic products that are untouched from malignity; with this pride our team is handling voice blend services for them.


We (OMRA SOLUTIONS) are a leading organization in the space of technology development, and fulfillment of the Sales processes in the B2B and B2C segments. We are helping brands in the automation process, Hiring developers, and helping renowned brands to achieve their goals in terms of sales business operations. We are working in business process outsourcing services, Sales Processes, and Automation technology. We are a process oriented organization with certification of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems). We Localize your voice based communications with our extensive team members and technologies. We'll help you to introduce your product in the best way. We are hiring a dedicated developers & programmers team, who are passionate about taking your business ideas to the next level and exceeding the quality benchmark. We are helping corporate businesses by always giving priority to clients' requirements. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are serving renowned brands in Business Process Outsourcing, and Voice Blend processes, Increase the revenue of businesses to boost Sales. From Hiring developers to Sales & Business Process Outsourcing, we specialize in all aspects of IT Development and Resource Management. With more than 34 completed projects, we are helping the corporate to hit its sales target with our dedicated team.