A Global Leader in Outsourced B2B & B2C Sales

A Global Leader in Outsourced B2B & B2C Sales

Generating potential sales leads for businesses is not easy. Today business owners outsource lead generation services to companies in India as they believe in the ability of outsourced sales lead generation call centers. OMRA Solutions is one of the best outsourced B2C & B2B lead generation companies. Its outbound sales lead generation services to work with a planned strategy to generate qualified leads. Outsourced sales and marketing solutions shift B2C and B2B business responsibilities to a third party organization. An outsourced sales team represents your product or solution directly to the customer. Outsourced sales and marketing solutions from OMRA Solutions provide the responsibility of hiring, training, and handling team members to outsource services as an extension of your business, presenting themselves under your brand and voice.

Outsourced Sales Team Partnership with OMRA Solutions

Based on the data and information above, outsourcing helps reduce costs while successfully fulfilling business goals. That said, many business owners still wonder whether an outsourcing partnership is a right thing to do for their sales pipeline. There are plenty of benefits associated with finding the best outsourced partnership. When your sales solutions are outsourced, you no longer have to find suitable candidates for a perfect sales team. Again, other business processes can be your main point for improvement, as outsourced experts handle your entire sales pipeline. When outsourcing sales teams, you can expect professional agents to represent your business. Since they focus on your business and no other, they can effectively build leads into loyal customers. The Continued sales growth within outsourced industries makes searching for competent sales professionals a bit more complicated.

Fortunately, outsourcing allows you to find team members that can effectively launch successful sales departments, as they have the necessary experience and technical capabilities suitable for your industry.B2B lead is a term given to those prospects who directly deal with other businesses and not individuals. Product marketing activity is not directed at an individual, but mostly at an organizational level. Traditionally, marketing meant reaching out to people and introducing your business to them. But with online marketing, the inbound lead generation process also became part of the marketing circles. So rather than forcing your product and interrupting their attention, you create content around your customer's needs. What makes the inbound funnel so powerful is that your content reaches a high intent audience when, where, and how they prefer it. Outbound B2B lead generation allows businesses to connect with the decision makers of a company and scale their product/service usage across the industry.

The Different B2B Leads

  • Marketing Qualified B2B Leads: These are the prospects you've enticed successfully with your marketing efforts, but are not yet ready to buy the product.
  • Sales Qualified B2B Leads: These are prospects that have taken certain actions indicating a buying intent and are deemed to be contacted by the sales team.

Sales KPI's OMRA Solutions Monitors

Here are a few KPIs you absolutely need to monitor.

OMRA Solutions will be inclined to outsource its lead generation strategy if

  • Sales of New Products.
  • Sales from New Business ventures.
  • Sales by Geographic Region.
  • Monthly Sales Growth.
  • Sales Cycle Length.

What is B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing?

Lead generation outsourcing means you take the help of external lead generation companies to build and scale your audience list. The process is typically carried out by experts and the activities include cold calling or promotion of your business. Prior to outsourcing, companies first analyze their in house lead generation capability. We generally prefer outsourcing their lead generation activities since it frees up their resources for core business activities.

OMRA Solutions is an IT Development Service that analyzes spending across categories and vendors to create an enterprise wide baseline of technology spending across IT and the business.

  • They lack sufficient expertise to develop a good lead generation strategy
  • Their primary lead generation process is through outbound activities.n
  • They have a good lead qualification process but not enough expertise in lead generation.

Let us help you grow your business through clear, transparent, and quality leads. Turn your sales lead generation needs into revenue opportunities. If you are looking for Telesales lead generation companies hoping to increase your customer list by outsourcing lead generation services, OMRA Solutions is the right choice you can make today. We translate one time lead to a long term lead. Outsourcing lead generation services to OMRA Solutions will save your costs. We understand through our expertise and experience that every organization requires good leads. Only good sales leads are potential and beneficial for your organization. Our professionals are experienced in the industry and know exactly how to attract your one time customers. Our expertise is vast when it comes to offering business sales leads, residential sales leads and B2b sales lead or Telesales services as we are the best among other lead generation companies.

Enjoy the Benefits - Outsource Lead Generation Services

  • Our team will increase your sales by generating pre qualified sales leads.
  • You gain more customers in less time.
  • We provide access to view the status of every lead on a real time basis.
  • Quality work at low rates.
  • Increase in your revenue by saving on infrastructure, manpower, effort, and time.

Outsourced lead generation companies in India are proven, experts. Our customers have experienced the difference. We provide such case studies on a request basis. Outsource lead generation services for OMRA Solutions to enjoy the increase of potential Telesales leads. Our platform offers you a suite of products that your team needs to grow your company. Find the desired prospect leads in some clicks.